ESPN Offers Amusing, If Infantile, XFL Team Name Generator

ESPN has graced Vince McMahon’s new XFL alternative league effort with a… halfhearted?… team name generator.

The “generator” operates as a simple graphic that encourages users to:

1.  Choose their closest location.

2. Select the first letter of their last name (and corresponding moniker).

That’s it. It’s bare-boned and exceedingly simplistic, but fun and frivolous options exist, such as this writer’s “Carolina Komodo Dragons” result. And a number of fans enjoyed its novelty.

However, opinion runs the gamut, with Facebook commenter Andrew Nefstead questioning ESPN’s effort:

Is their social media account being run by a 14 year old girl?

Perhaps. But 14-year-old girls are pretty proficient at social media these days, so it’s maybe not the worst hiring practice for the Worldwide Leader. And let’s be real—most alternative league owners would sacrifice their first-born son for immediate ESPN exposure, so maybe Vince should pen little Stephanie at ESPN a thank-you note.