Super Bowl Retrospective: Former XFLers That Participated in the Big Game

As we gear up for the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl, officially known as “LII” (these Roman numerals are starting to look silly, aren’t they?), here at XFL Access we wanted to take a time out to remember all those former 2001 XFL players that would later take the field for the biggest game of the year.

Fred Coleman former XFLer in Super Bowl

Each of the below played downs in Vince McMahons’s upstart league before taking their talents to the NFL and, eventually, securing a spot on a Super Bowl squad. Just a little something to chew on—-besides chips and dip—-prior to the Patriots and Eagles showdown.

  1. Fred Coleman (Super Bowl XXXVI, New England Patriots)
  2. Kelly Herndon (Super Bowl XL, Seattle Seahawks)
  3. Corey Ivy (Super Bowl XXXVII, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  4. Paris Lenon (Super Bowl XLVIII, Denver Broncos)
  5. Tommy Maddox (Super Bowl XL, Pittsburgh Steelers)
  6. Yo Murphy (Super Bowl XXXVI, St. Louis Rams)
  7. Rod Smart (Super Bowl XXXVIII, Carolina Panthers)

Enjoy yourselves tonight!

Rod Smart former XFLer in the NFL